Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service for Padelution.com Online Service

1. General

Padelution.com is a service (hereinafter "Service") aimed at padel enthusiasts, provided by Padelution Oy (hereinafter " Service Provider"). The purpose of the Service is to offer services to padel enthusiasts, clubs, entrepreneurs, equipment manufacturers, importers and padel federations, thereby promoting the sport's recreational opportunities, competitive activities, and awareness. The Service may also use other domain names at the discretion of the Service Provider. These Terms of Service apply to all online services produced and maintained by the Service Provider, both the web version and the mobile version, between the Service Provider and the user.

2. Terms of Service

Users of Padelution.com online services agree to comply with the current Terms of Service. In these Terms of Service, online services refer to all web services produced or maintained on the internet by the Service Provider, such as www.padelution.com.

The Service Provider reserves the right, without prior notice, to change the Service's Terms of Service, appearance, content, availability, services, or to discontinue the Service. The Service Provider also has the right to suspend service provision for maintenance and update procedures.

The Service Provider is not responsible for materials published by third parties that can be accessed through a link on this online service’s pages.

Use of Services

The use of the Service requires a browser and the necessary telecommunications software for establishing a connection, as well as appropriate telecommunications connections. The costs for these are borne by the user of the service. The flawlessness or uninterrupted functionality of the programs is not guaranteed. Under no circumstances is the Service Provider responsible for any damages that may occur to the user's computer system or the information therein, including information security risks (viruses, data theft, etc.).

The Service may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. The use of material is allowed without special permission for text, but the user must mention the name of the rights holder. The content of the Service is protected according to copyright law and international agreements. All rights to the Service, including copyrights, are held by the Service Provider or other information producers contributing to the Service. The Service Provider reserves all rights to the content of the Service and changes to it unless otherwise stated in the Service.

The user agrees to use the Service in accordance with laws, regulations, official orders, and good practice. The user can be held responsible for illegal use of the Service or for breaching these Terms of Service.

Messages that are racist, defamatory to another person, or otherwise unlawful in content must not be sent to the Service. The Service must not be burdened by sending spam, chain letters, and mass email distributions (spamming), etc., and the user must not provide misleading information about their identity and email address. The material sent by the user must not contain viruses or other software that prevents or complicates the use of the online service.

Processing of Personal Data

In maintaining the Service, the Personal Data Act and the service's Privacy Policy are followed. An email address or other contact information is requested if a response is desired to questions or feedback. For the development of the Service, general statistical information about its use is collected, such as the user's IP address, time of visit to the website, pages visited, and the type of browser used.


The ownership of the Service, as well as the copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to the Service, belong to the Service Provider. The online service is subject to copyright law and other regulations and provisions concerning copyright. The Service Provider is responsible for the content, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights of the material it produces for the Service. The Service Provider is not responsible for other content in the Service or for any other content delivered or available through or with the help of the Service.

Image Rights

The rights to use photographs on the pages belong to the Service Provider. If you wish to use the images, please contact info@padelution.com.

Data Security

The Service Provider requires that users of the Service be aware, upon commencing use, that the online environment and online services are never completely secure. When using the Service, the user is responsible for maintaining the data security of their own information systems.

Use of Personal Data

The Service Provider processes the personal data of registered users in accordance with the Service's Privacy Policy and legislation concerning privacy protection.

Privacy Policy

Use of Cookies and Other Technologies

The Service uses cookies for visitor tracking and other technologies as described in the data protection statement.

Service Availability

The Service Provider strives to keep its online service continuously and without interruption available to the user. However, the Service Provider is not responsible for any problems related to data transmission, technical faults, or interruptions caused by maintenance or installation work. The Service Provider is not liable if information included in or found through the online service changes or disappears.

Other Terms

The Service contains links and connections to third-party websites. Such services provided by third parties or applications mediated by a third party are subject to the respective third party's terms of use and other conditions.

Finnish law applies to the Service and these terms of use, excluding provisions regarding the choice of law. Any disputes concerning the use of the Service will be settled in the Helsinki District Court.

3. Technical Information

In designing the website, compatibility with various operating systems and browsers has been considered. The site works with most modern browser software, on mobile devices, computers, and tablets.

Different files are distributed in as common formats as possible. However, due to the different features of documents, some files may not be opened without a specific program. Many computers already have these programs, but if you cannot open a certain type of file, below you will find the name of a free viewer program. Remember that simply downloading the program to your own computer is not enough; it must also be installed.

PDF files -> Adobe Reader Word, Excel, PowerPoint -> LibreOffice

4. Additional Information

For more information about the online service, please email info@padelution.com

Padelution.com Terms of Use as of August 4, 2021