Privacy Policy

This privacy statement describes the ways (“Service Provider”) handles customer data.

For the purposes of this statement, “customer data” refers to the information processed by the Service Provider. Thus, customer data includes not only information about users registered to the Service but also data processed in other commercial contexts, such as in connection with the sale or use of other services or products offered by the Service Provider, as well as data processed in various communication contexts (like’s social media channels).

This statement pertains only to the data processing methods of the Service Provider or parties acting on our behalf. However, our services may contain links to third-party sites and community services, but we cannot control the actions of these third parties, nor are we responsible for the privacy practices or content of these third-party services. We recommend reviewing the privacy and data protection terms of these services.

1. Data Controller

Heikki Lampinen

2. Contact Information



Personal data are processed based on the consent of the data subject, for compliance with a contract between the data subject and the data controller, for fulfilling legal obligations of the data controller, or based on a customer relationship or other relevant connections, where the lawful basis for processing is the legitimate interest of the data controller as specified below. Personal data are processed particularly for the following purposes:

Processing of personal data based on compliance with a contract and legal obligations

  • Service implementation, purchases, and offers
    • We deliver the products or services purchased by the data subject and verify customer transactions
    • Legal obligations binding on the data controller related to purchases made by the data subject, including product safety, quality, and returns or refunds.

Processing of personal data based on legitimate interest

  • Content and its personalization
    • We offer registered users as relevant and interesting content as possible from their own area.
    • We assist the user of the Service in finding interesting offers.
  • Targeted electronic direct marketing
    • We may send 0-4 times a month an email newsletter targeted at padel enthusiasts, containing exclusive content and benefits within the legal limits based on our legitimate interest. The data subject can also join our mailing list, in which case the processing mentioned here is based on their consent.
  • Customer service and business development
  • We develop the interfaces and user experience of our services and products. We may conduct surveys and consumer studies as well as reports to support decision-making.
  • Customer relationship management, care, and development, such as providing customer service and implementing customer communications
  • Analysis and statistics
  • Prevention and investigation of misuse
  • Ensuring the security and protection of the data controller's property
  • Implementation of competitive activities
  • Implementation of training activities
  • Maintenance of result service and publication of statistics


To achieve the purposes of processing mentioned above, we handle the following information:

Information obtained from the data subject and accumulated through interactions, such as:

  • Contact information, like name, address, phone numbers, email addresses,
  • Registration information for online services, such as username, nickname, password, and other possible unique identifiers, tunnus,
  • Demographic data, such as age, gender, title or profession, family information, and mother tongue,
  • Employer's name, address, and business ID,
  • The individual’s photo,
  • Information related to the customer relationship, such as billing and payment details, product and order information, customer feedback and contacts, responses to competitions and lotteries, and cancellation information,
  • Information related to communication and use of services, such as browsing and search data, authentication information, data on the use of services and offered benefits,
  • Membership and competition data needed for providing services to padel clubs or federations,
  • Recorded customer service calls,
  • Possible permissions and consents,
  • Possible opt-out information,
  • Reviews and feedback on events and products,
  • Information related to billing and collection,
  • Profiling and interest information possibly provided by the data subject, and
  • Other information collected with the consent of the data subject.
  • Match statistics
  • Event participation information
  • Information related to the club and individual's competition or training activities and other data collected with the consent of the customer

Observed data from the use of services:

  • Usage and browsing information of service features
  • Content displayed and data on content clicks
  • The page from which the user came to our site, device model, unique device and/or cookie identifier, data collection channel (internet browser, email letter, mobile browser, app), browser version, IP address, session ID, session time and duration, screen resolution, and operating system.
  • The identifier of a recognized user is a random number series or a similar identifier, from which the user cannot be personally identified. tai muu vastaava tunniste, josta käyttäjää ei voida tunnistaa henkilökohtaisesti.
  • The identifier of an observed (unidentified) user is typically a cookie or a similar identifier.
  • Location estimated using GPS, WLAN access points, or mobile network base stations, if the user has given explicit permission for this.
  • Other information collected with the user's consent.

Derived data from the use of services:

Derived data refers to information inferred from analytics based on the observed use of the service and/or information provided by the data subject themselves, such as the user's possible interests or segmentation into a group of certain types of users.


Information about the data subject is regularly obtained from:

  • The data subject themselves via the internet, email, phone, form, mobile application, or other similar means,
  • Cookies or other similar technologies,
  • Registers of padel federations, clubs, or padel companies, and competition systems,
  • The data subject's transactions in the online store or other Padelution-produced services,
  • Directly from the data subject during various marketing activities and campaigns and other similar actions,
  • VRK/Population Information System, Postal address information system, telephone company contact information registers, internet community services, and other similar private and public registers.

The Service Provider may also supplement the information of identified users for the purposes mentioned in section 3 using the sources mentioned above.


We retain the user's information only as long as necessary for the purposes defined in section 3 above or as required by current legislation.

The retention periods for personal data are determined based on the following criteria:

  • Personal data of registered individuals are retained for the duration of the active customer relationship. The activity of the customer relationship is defined, for example, by the customer's interactions with the Service or communication between the customer and the Service Provider.

  • Data of the data subject are deleted upon their written request, unless the Service Provider has another justified reason for retaining the data. In such cases, the Service Provider will still retain information about the request for data deletion and the prohibition of data processing.

  • In some communicative sections of the services, like comment fields and public feedback, the user's name and related content produced by the user remain visible even after the end of the customer relationship. This is also the case, for example, with match results, where the player's name remains visible. Additionally, we may be required to retain some of the user's personal data to comply with accounting or other compulsory legislation even after the end of the customer relationship or other basis for personal data processing.


The Service Provider may process personal data to implement the purposes set out in this privacy statement and in accordance with current data protection legislation. We may also partially outsource the processing of personal data to a third party, a data processor, who processes personal data only for the purposes defined in the agreement between us. In such cases, we ensure through contractual arrangements that personal data are processed in accordance with current data protection legislation and otherwise appropriately.


Data is regularly transferred outside the EU and European Economic Area. When transferring data outside the EU and EEA, we ensure an adequate level of personal data protection, for example, by agreeing on matters related to the confidentiality and processing of personal data as required by law. When transferring data outside the EU or European Economic Area to countries that do not guarantee an adequate level of data protection, transfers are based on appropriate safeguards, such as standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission or supervisory authority. You can request more information about these appropriate safeguards by contacting us. Our contact information is mentioned in section 2 of this statement.

We disclose data to third parties only in the cases presented in section 9 below.


We do not sell or rent identified user's personal data to third parties. We disclose data subject's information to third parties only in the following cases:

  • We may disclose the data subject's information to third parties if the data subject has given their consent.
  • We may disclose information to padel operators if it is required for providing quality service. For example, when a player participates in a league organized by a padel club on, the organizing club may need the contact details of the players participating in the league to ensure service quality.
  • We may provide segment information about observed users to our advertisers for targeted advertising. Advertisers cannot link this information to the personal data of identified users.
  • We may disclose the data subject's personal data in a manner required by competent authorities or other entities based on current legislation.
  • We may disclose information for statistical, scientific, or historical research provided that the data has been converted into a format where the subject of the data is no longer identifiable.
  • In the event of a merger or other reorganization of our operations, the data subject's personal data may be disclosed within the new organization.
  • Data can be transferred to community and search engine services for content and advertising targeting.
  • If the data subject has specifically consented to electronic direct marketing by the Service Provider’s partners, the data subject's information can be used for marketing purposes by carefully selected partners.

10. Cookies and Browsing Tracking

We may collect information about the user's terminal device through cookies and other similar technologies, such as browser local storage. A cookie is a small text file that a website sends to the browser, which stores it on the device. We use both temporary session ID cookies, which close when you close your internet browser, and persistent cookies, which are stored on the device. Cookies help us to identify your browser and use this information, for example, to count the browsers visiting our website and to analyze the use of our site, such as for statistical tracking. They also allow us to view and track our users' interests and thereby develop our web pages. All collected information is anonymous, and the actions performed online cannot be linked to a specific person through it.

Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can modify your browser settings and disable cookies at any time. You can avoid cookies by modifying your browser program settings and denying their use.

Advertising cookies help us select the most suitable and interesting advertisements for you. They also prevent the same advertisements from being shown repeatedly. Some third-party providers may also use cookies or web beacons (1-pixel image files) to display advertisements you may like when you visit various websites. The information collected by cookies and web beacons does not tell us or third parties any personal information about you, such as your name or contact details. Third-party advertisers may also use technology to measure the effectiveness of advertisements. For this, they may use a tracker (a one-pixel size image file) placed on our website to collect anonymous information about visits to these and other web pages by users. After receiving anonymous data about a user's visits to these and other web pages, advertisers can plan advertisements for products and services that may interest the user.

We may use, for example, Google Adwords or Facebook cookies, which are used for statistical and targeted marketing based on a user list in advertising networks. The user is not identifiable based on the information linked to the cookie.

Additionally, the Service Provider's partners may use cookies for targeted advertising, collecting information about the visitor's visits to this and other websites. The information collected by cookies is used to produce targeted advertising based on the visitor's interests. In targeted advertising done by cookies, the visitor is not identified, and the data are not linked to any personal data that the visitor may have provided in another context.

11. Privacy Terms for Mobile Applications

When offering mobile applications for your use, which may be made available to the user through, for example, Apple's App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft Store, the terms of the respective service provider, in addition to this privacy statement, apply. In addition, the user must accept the application's own terms of use.

12. Location Data

The user's terminal device's location data can be used to provide location-based services, such as offering regional content and displaying targeted advertising, provided that the user has given explicit consent for the use of location data or if the location data has been anonymized.

Location data is determined using available positioning methods, such as GPS and the locations of WLAN access points and mobile network base stations. The user can revoke their consent at any time from the terminal device and application settings.

13. Rights of the Data Subject

We are committed to providing data subjects with choices and control regarding their privacy. Below, we list various ways in which data subjects can influence the collection and processing of their data.

In addition, data subjects always have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority about the way we process their personal data. Complaints should be made directly to the competent authority as instructed, which in Finland is the Data Protection Ombudsman. You can find the Data Protection Ombudsman's website here.

Right to Access and Rectify Information

The data subject has the right to check what personal data about them the data controller processes. Requests for access should be sent in writing, scanned by email, and signed to:

The data subject has the right to demand the correction of incorrect data by notifying the above email address.

Right to Prohibit Marketing and Right to Withdraw Consent

The data subject has the right to prohibit the data controller from processing their personal data for direct marketing, distance selling, or other direct advertising, as well as opinion and market research by notifying by email to

When data processing is based on the data subject's consent, they always have the right to withdraw their consent, such as their consent to direct marketing, by sending a message of withdrawal of consent to the above email address.

Blocking and Clearing Cookies

Users can block the use of cookies by changing their browser settings. Blocking cookies may affect the functionality of our services.

Users can clear cookies from the browser settings. Regularly clearing cookies changes the identifier based on which a user profile is formed. Clearing cookies does not stop data collection altogether but rather resets the profile based on previous behavior data.

Consent to Use of Location Data

Users can give their consent to the use of location data from the terminal device and application settings. Through the settings, the user can also revoke their consent at any time.

Right to Erase Data

The data subject has the right to demand the data controller delete their personal data, and the data controller has an obligation to delete the data unless data processing is necessary due to a legal obligation or other limited reasons. Requests for data deletion should be sent in writing to the above email address.

Right to Data Portability

The data subject has the right to demand the data controller transfer their data in a commonly used transfer format to another system and to another data controller. The right applies only to data that the data subject has provided to the data controller and is applicable only when data processing is based on the data subject's consent or a contract between the data controller and the data subject. Requests for data transfer should be communicated in writing to the above email address.

14. Principles of Data Protection

Manual materials containing personal data are stored in secure locations. Digitally stored and processed data are in databases protected with firewalls, passwords, and other technical means. These databases are located in facilities under 24-hour surveillance.

15. Changes to the Privacy Statement

We continuously develop our services and reserve the right to change this privacy statement by notifying about it in our services. Changes may also be based on changes in legislation. We recommend regularly reviewing the content of the privacy statement.